LightenUp | The Origin of the LightenUp Weight Loss Program


*Eliminate the barriers to sustainable weight loss, by providing innovative physical, nutritional and emotional support.



Thank you for considering LightenUp for your weight loss journey. Below is a brief history of where the concept came from and why we believe it is the only way to go about improving your lifestyle. 

Our founder, Mike, was one of the first ones who rode the childhood obesity wave in the 70s. By the time Mike was in 7th grade, he weighed 180 lbs and had a waist size of 40 inches. After losing the weight throughout high school and college years, he reached a new high of 270 lbs as the stresses of a new family and career entered into his life.

Via Beata, his health coach and wife, Mike realized that weight loss was not about the weight, but about his lifestyle and the choices he was making. Beata worked with him on simple changes, like swapping out soda for water and portion control. Practicing these small changes over a longer period of time, created a lifestyle change that allowed him to finally achieve and maintain his goal weight. Based on Mike’s and Beata’s understanding around lifestyle change and health coaching, LightenUp™ was created. 

Our singular goal is to provide our members with the health coaching needed to develop lasting lifestyle change. Housed within a 24×7 accessible lifestyle improvement center, our health coaches are there for the members we serve. We meet you where you are and not by fitting you within a standard, cookie cutter meal plan or supplement-driven program. You are part of a community of members who are seeking sustainable weight loss the right way, not via supplements or pre-packaged meals but through lifestyle change. 



LightenUp™ is a double entendre. The first meaning is obvious, lose weight, however the second meaning is more powerful, stop obsessing about weight and enjoy the life you have been given.

Too often we focus our attention on our weight and lose sight of living. When we fail to hit our number, we give up on ourselves and, typically gain back the weight we had lost.

Weight loss is not about the destination (the number), but about the journey (the choices we are empowered to make). Have fun making the right lifestyle choices, regardless of your weight. As you start to feel better, you will notice other changes start to take place.


Allow us to guide you on your journey.