Members’ Reviews

I have been a member since November 2015.  Lighten Up is a well maintained facility with a lot to offer it’s members.  To mention a few –  personal trainers, group classes, on-site presentations to  enlighten members, outdoor group activities, and more.  Both staff and clientele are friendly, encouraging and personable, working together to obtain a goal.  The atmosphere is more like a ‘fitness family’.  I really enjoy the workouts and convenience of 24 hour availability. – Mary

I love this place! It is everything I have been looking for in a fitness center.  The group classes are awesome.  I feel totally comfortable working at my own level.  The staff is great and the place is very clean.  I highly recommend Lighten Up Fitness! – Lucia

Excellent service! Great facility and community! The staff and other members are so sweet and supportive! – Kate

LightenUp has given me the motivation to be more healthy in what I eat and what I do physically and emotionally.  With the help of my coach and the wonderful instructors, I have lost over 20 pounds! – Holly

Lighten Up Fitness has a great facility-easy access, great lay-out, just come in grab your towel and go-it’s all there. The equipment, exercise rooms, and environment really make you feel comfortable and confident about getting started and coming back, no matter what your fitness level. It’s the people, however, that make the Lighten Up Fitness experience like no other. The team is great-warm, friendly, supportive, but also direct, open and clear about what you need to do to accomplish your goals. The encouragement and camaraderie keep you coming back! – Vernetta