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Weight Loss and Lifestyle Improvement Program

*LightenUp™ is a lifestyle improvement center dedicated to weight loss and the development of healthier habits. We offer our members personalized health and nutritional coaching, group fitness classes and engaging member events.

The LightenUp™ lifestyle improvement center provides you with everything you need within one membership fee.

Permanent weight loss is a balance between physical, nutritional and emotional supports. Allow us to help you achieve this balance.

Members’ Testimonials…

  • Wanted to share a little success story, ok maybe a huge success story. When I first joined LightenUp Fitness I was more concerned about what I looked like on the outside more than the inside. They say beauty is only skin deep but I’m here to say it’s on the inside as well. My physical this time last year was as follows: Blood Pressure 145/95. Total Cholesterol (w/meds) 190. Glucose levels close to 100. On my way to Diabetes II. My physical this year: Almost 60lbs lighter, Blood Pressure 117/70, Total Cholesterol 122, Glucose levels normal

    I do appreciate the transformation on the outside but I can literally feel the transformation on the inside. Looking forward to continuing this lifestyle change and living a healthier future not only on the outside but on the inside as well. *Personal results may vary

  • “LightenUp is great! They monitor your nutrition, physical activity and best of all provide a health
    coach who can guide you through the process of creating a healthier you. These people are passionate
    about helping their clients, and it is evident in the atmosphere in the facility. In 5 months, I have lost
    30 pounds, reduced my blood pressure medicine by 50%, and reduced my cholesterol by 15% as well.
    I highly recommend anyone looking to lose weight and become healthier to give it a try!” *Personal results may vary

  • “I am so impressed with the concepts behind this new facility. First time I have experienced
    consistent results and actually changed habits that are making a long term difference.
    The health coaching aspect rocks and keeps me on track which is what I need because I have
    too many other things going on in my world to stay focused on me. Thanks LightenUp!!” *Personal results may vary

  • “Wow! That is what my doctor said at my last checkup. That was because I’m down 20 Lbs in 7 weeks
    of working with LightenUp Fitness. More importantly, my Cholesterol counts are better than ever,
    evenbetter than what medication had been able to do previously … I plan to keep working with
    LightenUp Fitness for a long time to not only make these changes but to make them stick!” *Personal results may vary

  • “LightenUp Fitness is a great place to get on track with your whole lifestyle change that is needed
    to make a healthier, happier you.  It is not just another gym, but a place where health coaches
    provide nutritional and physical guidance but most of all emotional support for those hard days
    that sneak up on all of us!” *Personal results may vary

  • “What I love about this place is that they work with you on your relationship with food, which is
    really key to permanent weight loss. This place works with you on an individual level with no
    judgement to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.” *Personal results may vary

  • “LightenUp has been a game changer for me. I have had moderate success with diets in the past,
    but nothing lasted long term. Having a health coach is making all the difference with this program;
    she has helped me get to the root of some of the reasons I make certain choices instead of just
    treating the outcome of the choices. The group fitness cardio tread and Zumba courses are my
    favorite and without really thinking about it, I’m suddenly working out four times a week as a
    habit. Everyone at LightenUp truly cares… the health coaches and group fitness leaders and the
    other members, as well. 14 lbs down… and a new lifestyle… it’s awesome.” *Personal results may vary

  • “I ran for 2 min without stopping! This couldn’t have happened 2 months ago! Feeling healthier
    everyday! Excited about my journey! Thank you for believing in me!!!!” *Personal results may vary

  • “Travel, business meetings, and eating out complicates my lifelong struggle with weight. I found
    myself surrendering to “women’s” sized fashion and the inability to be active, especially with my
    grandchildren. Lighten Up Fitness understood my barriers, and worked with me to plan and
    implement a lifestyle change based on my specific real life challenges, without the judgement
    I have experienced in other health club settings. It’s not about gimmicks, or fads, or miracle
    drug. Lighten Up Fitness incorporates information, education, and accountability, yielding
    successful results that, for the first time in my life, I believe I can sustain forever.” *Personal results may vary