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  • Take Charge Of Your Health

      Managing your health is a challenge, one determined by the choices that you make daily. To make decisions that last, you must understand the benefits and consequences of your choices. Ask the following questions: – Do I truly value my health? – What are the benefits of making daily healthy choices? – What are

  • Five Ways to a Healthier Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

    As Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaches, the health coaches at LightenUp Fitness wanted to share some ways we prepare our members for the holidays.  Don’t try to accomplish all of them at once.  Focus on a couple this holiday season and see how you do. Celebrate relationships, not food The origin of Thanksgiving

  • Stretch What?!?

    Stretch What?!?

    Do you stretch? Is it really that important? What is Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching? Today we are taking a look at two types of stretching and how to perform them. I started running in 2006 and would sit in my driveway doing a sit and reach to touch my toes and then off I