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  • My Personal Weight Loss Journey

    “What do you know about weight loss?” *I do dislike writing about myself, but I have been asked repeatedly, “Why are your starting up this kind of business.  You have not been overweight!”  Au contraire mon fraire!  Here is my brief story that’s led me down this path. Childhood Obesity and Me *I was an

  • Healthy Eating – Impossible?

    The IDEA Fitness Journal is my monthly goto magazine relative to new and interesting information regarding the wellness industry. This magazine provides a tremendous amount of insight on fitness, nutritional and emotional topics. In the March 2015 issue, there is a great article about healthy eating entitled, “What You Don’t Know About Food Labeling Could

  • Avoid these Metabolic Rate Mistakes

    Understanding your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is one of the most important measurements to take as you progress towards your weight loss goal. Knowing this one metric can provide you with understanding and simplicity regarding your caloric goal, however make a mistake with this number and you may become helpless and frustrated.  Below we will highlight a