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  • Stretch What?!?

    Stretch What?!?

    Do you stretch? Is it really that important? What is Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching? Today we are taking a look at two types of stretching and how to perform them. I started running in 2006 and would sit in my driveway doing a sit and reach to touch my toes and then off I

  • Diet plans not working? Read this…

    What is a credible source regarding diets? There is so much information about carbs, fats and proteins; the information can be contradictory and confusing. For instance, you can search for “diet plans” on Google and over 18,500,000 results will come back in less than a second. Just scanning the diet plans, you see there are

  • Does Gut Health Impact Weight Loss?

    Does Gut Health Impact Weight Loss?

    *So here is an interesting concept for you to digest… What if I told you that your moods and subsequently your weight loss success are affected by the health of your gut! What? I know, sounds like something out of Star Trek where there is a civilization inside you that is controlling how you see